The 2000 Richard Kelly Grant Winners

The Richard Kelly Grant has been awarded to two winners this year.  Brad Koerner and Carlos Inclan will receive financial grants to continue their work exploring very different mediums with light.

In Brad Koerner’s submission, he studied the use of electroluminescent and phosphorescent materials and how these materials could be integrated into standard building materials, such as concrete, wood, glass, etc.

His project explored the aesthetic implications of flexible, stacked organic light emitting diodes (SOLEDs), and how these materials can be used as flexible, cloth-like luminous display panels.  These materials provide unprecedented new methods with which to infuse architecture with digital media and interactivity.

Carlos Inclan’s project featured an unusual application of dichroic glass filters.  His project for Colorwheel, a computer graphics firm, involved working with the architect and client to turn one wall of each elevator cab into a special, corporate identity-defining element, with light.  Each cab was fitted with dichroic filters in one of three primary colors and the dichro-ports were illuminated with fiberoptics to save space.  The combination of viewing angle and dichroic coating accounts for an ever-changing color shift.

The judges were: Addison Kelly, Linnaea Tillett, Richard Shaver, James Conti, Diane Naiztat and Clara Powell.