Lumen Award Winners 07

07 Judges

Joan Blumenfeld FAIA, LEED, IIDA Principal, Perkins+Will, 2007 AIA/NY Chapter President

Caleb McKenzie LC, IES Senior Associate, T. Kondos Associates

Joanne Lindsley FIELD, FIES, LC President, Lindsley Consultants

Ann Kale IALD, IES President, Ann Kale Associates

Shawn Sullivan Principal, Rockwell Group

Ken Douglas IALD, IES, LC Principal and Founder, Illumination Arts

William Menking Founder of The Architect’s Newspaper

.Illumination of the Coney Island Parachute Jump Lumen Citation
Brooklyn, New York   Lighting Designer:   Leni Schwendinger Light Projects LTD The nightscape glowed in oranges, pinks, purples and reds when the landmark 277-foot rehabilitated 20th century tower was illuminated. The dynamic lighting scheme was designed to evoke thrill of the famous amusement ride. The designers “choreographed” six different computer-programmed sequences that allude to special times of the year. Custom-designed luminaries (composed of three one-watt red LEDs) are mounted to the tower and canopy and calibrated to address different viewing vantage points. Color-changing floodlights and a computer controller complete the system. Illuminated 365 days/year, the tower is a beacon for the redevelopment of Coney Island. Contributors:   • Engineer:  STV, Inc. • Project Owner:  New York City Department of Parks and Recreation   IESNA International Illumination Design Award Recipient: Northeastern Region Award of Merit

Minneapolis Central Library Children’s Reading Room Lumen Citation Minneapolis, Minnesota   Lighting Designer:  Francesca Bettridge, Michael Hennes, Alexis Arnoldi, Nicole Kim, Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design A theme of transparency, openness and light defines the new library in a city known for its gray days and cold winters. The library’s mandate was for a completely flexible lighting system. The solution is a dual system of fixed ambient light elements attached to the ceiling, with furniture integrated lighting. The clever reinterpretation of these elements allows each area to achieve a unique character. For the playful children’s library, we reworked the linear ceiling element into a radial pattern that created a canopy over the space. Wooden “trees” with color changing LEDs hidden in their branches add an unexpected magic. Contributors:   • Architect:  Mark Shoemaker, Pelli Clarke Pelli • Architects, and Thomas Hysell, Architectural Alliance • Project Owner:  Kit Hadley, Minneapolis Central Library   IESNA International Illumination Design Award Recipient: Northeastern Region Award of Merit

Photography by: Matthew Tanteri
Museo de Arte De Ponce Lumen Citation Ponce, Puerto Rico   Lighting Designer:  Matthew Tanteri, Tanteri + Associates Our task was to renovate one of the finest sunlighted museums in the world. In Edward Durrell Stone’s 1965 design the seven massive skylights hovering above the upper galleries are central to the building’s organization and fabric. However, since its construction the excessive exposure of its collection to high intensity, near-Equatorial sunlight had yet to be remedied. Proposing an internal shading system would alter Stone’s architecture. Roof louvers that admitted only northern skylight would alter the building exterior and color of light within. The solution, a redesigned skylight frame with a custom translucent glazing unit and fluorescent uplighting respects the original design providing diffused UV-free sunlight at half the previous light levels. It performs so well electric light is not required for most of the museum’s operational hours. Contributors:   • Architect:  Luis Gutierrez, Luis Gutierrez Architects PSC • Project Owner:  Dr. Agustin Arteaga, CEO & Director, Museo de Arte de Ponce
21c Museum Hotel Lumen Award of Merit Louisville, Kentucky   Lighting Designer:  Richard Renfro, Andrew Thompson, Sarah Randall; Renfro Design Group, Inc.   Located on historic Main Street, this unique project is carved from five adjacent 19th century buildings, combining a contemporary art museum dedicated to living, 21st century artists with a 91-room hotel and restaurant. Artwork is displayed throughout and is lit with a flexible, museum-grade track lighting system. A multi-function, double-height gallery provides space for viewing large-scale works of art. Red and blue fluorescent lamps outline openings within the glass-enclosed atrium above, providing unique nighttime views from interior-facing guestrooms. In the restaurant, custom fabric-covered, color-changing, LED fixtures help conceal the art track lighting system and create a kinetic backdrop for dining.   Contributors: • Design Architect:  Deborah Berke, Stephen Brockman, Terrence Schroeder; Deborah Berke & Partners Architects LLP • Architect of Record: K. Norman Berry Associates Architects PLLC • Project Owner:  21C Museum Hotel
Photography by: Elizabeth FelicallaAlessi Flagship Store Lumen Award of Merit New York, New York   Lighting Designer: Mark Kubicki, Shiri Cnaani, Suzan Tillotson, Tillotson Design Associates Nine luminous stripes of light articulate the undulating space, giving it both structure and the illusion of vastness. The lighting stripes are based on feedback lines in video distortion and augment the otherworldly quality of the store. The predominate use of reflective surfaces demands very controlled use of pin spots to highlight products without glare, while the reflection of the diffuse stripes creates exciting patterns of warped lines.   Contributors: • Architect:  Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture, Asymptote Architecture • Project Owner:  Alessi Flagship Store   IESNA International Illumination Design Award Recipient: Northeastern Region Award of Merit  

Georgia Aquarium Lumen Award of Merit Atlanta, Georgia   Exhibit Lighting Designers:  Charles G. Stone II, Zack Zanolli, Rebecca Ho, Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc. The Georgia Aquarium opened its doors in Atlanta in 2005, as the world’s largest aquarium facility. With more than 8 million gallons of marine and fresh water, where visitors feel like scuba divers in an endless blue sea, mesmerized by 100,000 fish and enormous whale sharks. Comprised of five spectacular exhibits, each a unique aquatic environment, FMS designers helped recreate the illuminating magic of underwater life while satisfying rigorous animal husbandry requirements.   Contributors: • Architect: Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets, Inc. • Project Owner: Georgia Aquarium   IESNA International Illumination Design Award Recipient: Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award for Interior Lighting Design
Millennium Hilton Bangkok Lumen Award of Merit Bangkok, Thailand   Lighting Designer: David Singer, Chad Groshart, Worachai Sattayaphand, Joern Siebke, Lilianna Ivanovska, Arc Light Design This idiosyncratic building remained an abandon building for ten years due the poor interior layout and awkward architectural massing. To create a dramatic space and reduce the built volume, the Interior Designer cut a swath through the public space, connecting an “Urban Resort” to the street to river. The lighting concept was to heighten the drama in these huge volumetric spaces with massively scale decorative fixtures while providing a glow and accent at the guest’s level. The lighting equipment cost for the entire 600,000SF hotel was under $1,500,000.00 ($2.50/SF): $350,000.00 was for the dimming system alone.   Contributors: • Project Owner:  Frederic Lucron, General Manager, Millennium Hilton Bangkok
Temple Emanu-El Lumen Award of Merit New York, New York   Lighting Designer:  Roger Morgan, Steve Rust, Sachs Morgan Studio Our charge in lighting the historic Temple Emanu-El was to honor the 1927 attributes of the building. The dark physical space meant that the exquisite polychrome ceiling and tile could not be seen. The owner and architect established the following rules: enhance the space, increase lighting levels, use no foreign objects, and provide dramatic results. Our design illuminates the space, highlights the historic features, and provides lighting for modern day use.   Contributors: • Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners • Project Owner:  Temple Emanu-El   IESNA International Illumination Design Award Recipient: Northeastern Region Award of Merit
Photography by: Ken HaydenThird Point Lumen Award of Merit New York, New York   Lighting Designer:  Ann Schiffers, Ann Schiffers Lighting Design, LLC Fresh, competitive and edgy describes this financial management firm that occupies the top floors of the Lever House, NYC. The architecture is bold and full of contrast and the lighting plays the supporting role. The high gloss black wall contrasts the soft luminous ceiling composed of stretched fabric over a metal frame. Perimeter offices utilize a continuous 3″ wide luminaire that provides “borrowed light” into the adjacent office. Contributors: • Architect:  James Slade, Slade Architecture / Shyam Kumar, TPG • Project Owner:  Daniel Loeb, Third Point   IESNA International Illumination Design Award Recipient: Northeastern Region Award of Merit

Seven World Trade Center Lumen Award of Excellence New York, New York   Lighting Designer: Francesca Bettridge, Michael Hennes, Mitul Parekh, Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design Lighting Designer: Richard Kress, James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. While the design team sought to create a building of dignity and presence to herald the spirit of a new beginning at ground zero, we had the additional challenge of how to deal with a building whose 80’ base needed to hide transformer vaults. The solution was a shimmering light and metal screen wall and a lobby, inserted into it, with an illuminated ceiling which changes color over the evening. The elegant and mysteriously shimmering base belies the considerable technical challenges overcome to create a custom light art-piece that wraps around an entire city block.   Contributors: • Architect: Chris Cooper, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP • Architect: James Carpenter, James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. • Project Owner: Larry Silverstein, Silverstein Properties   IESNA International Illumination Design Award Recipient: Paul Waterbury Award for Outdoor Lighting