Lumen Award Winners 02

Lumen Award Winners 02

 Bank of China Head Office
Beijing, China

This headquarters building contains a 30,000 square foot garden court with a banking hall and is one of the largest public atriums built recently. The serene drama of the garden is composed in part with flowerbeds, fifty-foot tall bamboo, a stone forest and reflecting pond. Carved travertine walls are defined by daylight and artfully arranged shadow.

Project Name: Bank of China Head Office
Owner: Bank of China
Architect: Pei Partnership Architects
Lighting Design Firm: Kugler Tillotson Associates,Inc.
Photographer: Higashide Kiyohiko & Shashinn Jimusho
 Frist Center for the Visual Arts
Nashville, Tennessee

This adaptive reuse project restores majesty and grandeur to a landmarked art-deco post office turned museum. Multi-layered exterior lighting achieves drama, depth and focus. Entry accents include backlit decorative grills; highlighted architectural elements surround doorways and rehabilitated lanterns incorporate low maintenance induction lamps.

Project Name: Frist Center for the Visual Arts
Owner: Frist Center for the Visual Arts
Architect: Tuck Hinton Architects
Lighting Design Firm: Susan Brady Lighting Design, Inc.
Photographer: Timothy Hursley
Gateway Village Technical Center
Charlotte, North Carolina

This new state of the art technology center integrates a very large building complex into an urban residential community. The lighting responds to the architecture and setting and is designed for the pedestrian. Although monumental in scale, the lighting works with the architecture, creating exterior rooms for the occupants to enjoy and appreciate their surround.

Project Name: Gateway Village Technical Center
Owners: Bank of America and Cousins Properties Incorporated
Architects: Duda/Paine Architects, LLP,  Little & Associates, and HKS, Inc.
Lighting Design Firm: Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, Inc
Landscape Architect: ColeJenest & Stone
Photographer: James West / West Production
50 Years of Television @ The Oca
Sao Paolo, Brazil

This media and television exhibit in a historical Sao Paolo building, was designed in tandem with the exhibition designers. Culled from a range of lighting equipment in the architectural, theatrical, industrial and innovative milieu, the project created an inviting environment and communicated the exhibition messages and information to the viewer.

Project Name: 50 Years of Television
Owner: GLOBO
Exhibition Design: Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Lighting Design Firm: Technical Artistry
Photographer: James Cathcart
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Washington D.C.

To commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the inauguration of the President honored by this Memorial, a new lighting design was commissioned. The FaÃf§ade, Grand Stairs and Text Frieze are illuminated for the first time as was the Coffered Dome. The completed design reduced energy consumption by 80% and incorporated a computerized control system that electronically alerts maintenance personnel of lamp failures.

Project Name: The Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Owner: The National Park Service
Architect: John Russell Pope
Lighting Design Firm: The Mintz Lighting Group, Inc.
Photographer: Peter Aaron/Esto
JFK International Arrivals Terminal 4
Queens, New York

The architectural theme of transparency guided the lighting design concepts for this airport terminal. Inside, ambient uplighting and supplemental downlights for punch and animation are tools used throughout. This once cavernous, hectic and anonymous space has been transformed into more humane, separate and functional areas, each defined by the careful placement of the correct lighting instrument.

Project Name: JFK International Arrivals Terminal
Owner: JFK International Airlines Terminal
Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP
Lighting Design Firm: Susan Brady Lighting Design, Inc. and COMM Arts
Photographer: Attila Uysa l
 Luminous Arc
San Diego Convention Center, California

Inspired by this city’s role as coastal beacon and visitor magnet, Luminous Arc’s gentle linear trajectory lures visitors up a Grand Staircase and toward a series of spectacular bay front vistas. The sculpture consists of a series of internally lit laminated glass lens assemblies mounted atop 21 stainless masts ranging in height from 14′ to 39′, spaced 20’apart.

Project Name: Luminous Arc
Owner: San Diego Convention Center Corporation
Architect: Tucker Sadler Associates
Lighting Design Firm: James Carpenter Design Associates and Tanteri + Associates, Inc.
Photographer: Brian E Gulick
 Mickey and Friends Parking Structure
Anaheim, California

The world’s largest parking structure was built to replace surface parking used for the expansion of this theme park. Just seven different long life energy efficient fluorescent and metal halide lamps simplify maintenance. The project was brought in below budget by relying on simple fixtures tightly integrated with the architecture.

Project Name: Mickey and Friends Parking Structure
Owner: Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Architect: Wolf Architecture
Lighting Design Firm: Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.
Photographer: Disney Enterprises, Inc.
 Millennium Class
Saint Nazaire, France

This project illuminated a 92,000-ton cruise ship with public spaces designed by 5 architects from 3 countries. The challenge was to provide a cohesive lighting design across a variety of public spaces under the extreme time constraints of a 27-month design/build period while adhering to marine regulations. The design includes approximately 16,000 lighting fixtures, 36 custom fixtures, 2000 meters of neon, 117 fiber optic illuminators and 36 LED projectors.

Project Name: Millennium Class
Owner: Celebrity Cruises International
Architect: Birch Coffee Design Associates and Wilson Butler Lodge
Lighting Design Firm: Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.
Photographer: Phillip Ennis Photography
 Mohegan Sun Phase II
Uncasville Connecticut

The 7 acre second phase of this tribal casino and retail center was themed the “Casino of the Sky”. It is the first casino to use natural light extensively; natural sky events are central to the design. It features an 85′ onyx mountain under a 150′ diameter planetarium dome, the largest ever. Clouds, sunsets, nebulae, auroras and jet planes are all represented in the show sequence.

Project Name: Mohegan Sun Phase II
Owner: Trading Cove Associates
Architect: Rockwell Group and Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Lighting Design Firm: Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.
Photographer: Frederick Charles
 Suba Restaurant
New York, New York

This lighting scheme provides a dining experience unlike any other. Once a dilapidated building, this tri-level restaurant/bar is now a cool, edgy, sophisticated space. An open metal staircase perched above a shallow pool with waves of shimmering light, beckon patrons downward. Here the lower dining room incandesces with track-mounted fixtures and nighttime skylight illuminates with 4 colored steplights.

Project Name: Suba Restaurant/Bar
Owner: Yann De Rochefort and Phillip Morgan
Architect: Andre Kikowski Architect, PLLC
Lighting Design Firm: Ann Kale Associates, Inc.
Photographer: Peter Aaron/Esto
Thorne Hall
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine

This dining facility, the largest gathering space on campus, used for meals, dances, parties and special events, demanded a unique and engaging design. These chandeliers were thought of as birds in flight. They are mobiles with a tail to balance them. There are no lamps in the fixtures-all of the illumination is projected from 8 RGB LED projectors and 8 low voltage sources concealed in the troughs above.

Project Name: Thorne Hall, Bowdoin College
Owner: Bowdoin College
Architect: Kallman McKinnel & Wood Architects
Lighting Design Firm: Kugler Tillotson Associates, Inc.
Photographer: Jerry Kugler
New York, New York

This lighting design concept provides patrons with a series of striking vistas while maintaining an intimate dining experience. Achieving this required the integration of lighting into decorative architectural elements to create a stunning visual image from every table. The resulting sophisticated visual experience is unique for every diner.

Project Name: Town
Owner: Town, LLC
Architect: Rockwell Group
Lighting Design Firm: Focus Lighting
Photographer: David Joseph