Lighting Outside the Box

Exhibitions in the New York Area

A Stereoscopic Vision

Curated by Melissa Chiu, Museum Director, Asia Society and Museum The Stereoscope, a nineteenth century novelty, is an optical instrument with two eyeglasses that creates the illusion of depth by combining two images.

In “A Stereoscopic Vision,” this device is a frame of reference for video, installation, sculpture, photography and painting by twelve emerging New York-based artists. Artists in the exhibition examine the legacy of the stereoscope as one of the first technologies for visualizing the world. A reference to the stereoscope is visible in several artists’ use of a miniature scale. A video projection of a Midwestern landscape onto a tiny glass box and a slide show of deserted architectural sites by Susan Graham explores her vision of these external and internal environments. Joe Fig’s large-scale photographs depict a miniature maquette of Brancusi’s studio. Athena Robles also plays with scale by using toy-sized homes made from handmade paper silk-screened with images of her family.

d.u.m.b.o. Arts center

Washington Street (between Plymouth and Water Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


A or C train to High Street. Cross the park and left on Washington Street.
F train to York Street. Left at York Street and right on Washington Street.

Creative Time

As a part of Creative Time’s history of bringing new and timely art to public places, we are partnering with Panasonic to sponsor The 59th Minute: Video Art on the NBC Astrovision by Panasonic in Times Square. Videos are airing the last minute of every hour of the Astrovision programming day (6am-1am) with the exception of two daily preemptions for NBC’s Today Show and Nightly News (7-9am and 6-7pm).

Like all of Creative Time’s public projects, our goal is to offer a new opportunity to present artists’ work, as well as bring innovative art to Times Square. As demonstrated by the transformation of the 42nd Street area, contemporary culture is stimulated by the spectacle of moving images. This program represents a rare opportunity for video art to be viewed by the public within the context of the most exciting center of media culture in the world.

Current videos:

Dream Sequence I (Tschape), Dwelling (Sawa), and Mousetrap (Neistats)

Art Installations:

Breath by Shirazeh Houshiary and Pip Horne
Starting May 4
Art on the Plaza The Ritzt-Carlton New York Battery Park.

Blue Moon b y O+A
May 4 -August 20
Hudson River WaterFront
World Financial Center Plaza

Outside of New York

Presence of Light

The Bershire Museum, the area’s only art, history, and natural science museum for families, presents a spectrum of artist who work with light-either the medium itself or as an element of their work. Nationally known and emerging artists integrate light in the form of shadows, illusions, glowing jewels, candlelight conjuring up spirits, twilight, and other luminous effects in this engaging contemporary art exhibition.

Influenced by pioneers of light sculpture, these contemporary artists have a surprising, fresh, and unexpected approach to light-their works capture or emit light in fascinating and interactive ways, including several site-specific places made especially for the Museum.

Guest Curator:

Kathleen Gilrain


Gregory Barsamian
Sonja Blomdahl
R.M. Fischer
Beth Galston
Kirsten Hassenfeld
Kim Koga
Simon Lee
Clarie Lesteven
Maria Levitsky
Sharon M. Louden
Liza McConnel
Summer McCorkle
Joe McKay
Sheila Moss
Julia Shepley
Alejandro Sina
Moria Sina
Maggie Strak
Mary Temple
Juana Valdes
May Sullivan Voytek
Dick Weiss

The Bershire Museum
South Street (Route 7)
Pittsfield, MA 01201